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Top tips on creating a winning CV

Do you feel you truly have the skills and qualifications required to fulfil the role of the job you so enthusiastically applied for two weeks ago? Do you know you would fit perfectly into this position but did not receive an opportunity to prove your ability? You are one of many unsuccessful applicants left pondering how they could get their foot in the door to bag an interview. The answer to that is your CV.
Employers see hundreds of CV's so you must ensure your CV jumps out of the tired old pile of ‘Please accept my resume for consideration of the (insert here) position within your organisation' - instead portraying all of the wonderful personality and expertise you would contribute to their business.
Grab their attention from the Get-Go
Your cover letter should demonstrate "fit" to their company and the role you are applying for. Simply inserting a sterile list of keywords relevant to the role in an unstructured manor will not entice them. Use your keywords with captivating language and description of how your skills will directly benefit the employer to subtly persuade them your CV is worth reading in full, catapulting you up their list of priorities. The following article offers some examples of things to include in your cover let that can easily be tailored to suit your career field.!3HPgp
Brilliant basics go a long way
Your CV layout must be clear, concise and well spaced to avoid appearing careless or haphazard. Start with all the basics including correct spelling and grammar throughout. Avoid having gaps in your work experience; where necessary draw positives from any periods of unemployment and make reference to them. Double check all personal information to ensure it is correct - avoid missing out on a life changing job opportunity because you wrote ‘' instead of ‘.com'
Here is an outline of the sections you need to include in your CV along with a few more presentation tips:
The job description holds your key to success
The ability to understand a Job Description's requirements (even those not referenced to) and subsequently tailor your CV to it will see you jump up the ‘employability chart' as your CV will be buzzing with keywords the employer has indented in their mind as they sieve through endless CV's. Knowing how to prioritise your strengths, hobbies and focus of skills gained/used in previous employment will allow you to personalise your CV for every job you apply for and avoid the employer ever thinking ‘...and that is relevant how?' The advice given in the link below on how to tailor your CV should give you a start...


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